How Do Mate Values Shape How We Date?

How We Date

How We Date? Humans choose mates for survival and reproduction; however, unlike many animals, our preference for a mate can also be influenced by cultural input.

Sexual strategies theory suggests that women prefer mates who demonstrate the ability to provide investment, e.g., financial and social status, and the ability to care for a mate’s children. This theory is supported by Goetz (2013) who found that women seeking long-term mates were more likely to present indicators of their parenting abilities in online personal advertisements than women seeking short-term mates.

Values in Relationships

Regardless of what your values are, it is very important to find someone with whom you share those same values. When your partner isn’t on the same page with you, it can be very difficult to work on a relationship, and sometimes it even causes conflict.

The way you see the world, your personal beliefs, and how you interact with others largely determines your core values. These values can influence who you are attracted to, your political leanings, your tastes, the things that you do in your spare time, where you want to live, what religion you adhere to, and more.

One of the most common reasons that relationships fail is because the partners don’t share their core values. This can happen in a variety of ways, How We Date but one reason that it is so important to get clear on your core values before you begin dating is because they can often determine the future of your relationship.

Relationships can be built on shared values, and these are the underlying foundations that will sustain your relationship over the long term. They can also reduce conflict and help you resolve problems in your relationship more effectively.

Another way that values can shape how we date is through communication. Many people find it easier to discuss their values with a partner than they do with other people.

How We Date
How We Date

When you talk about your values with your partner, try to express why they are important to you and what you think they will bring to the relationship. In addition to explaining why you value certain things, it is important to listen to your partner’s responses and be empathetic when you hear something they don’t like about you or your values.

You may need to do this a few times before you feel comfortable enough to open up about your core values with your partner. It can be hard to discuss these topics at first, but once you have a feel for each other and the situation, it will become much easier.

Some of the core values that are often associated with long-term relationships include respect, trust, commitment, honesty, and accountability. These values are crucial to the success of any relationship, and when you can’t trust your partner or they have a habit of dishonesty, it can be very difficult to build a healthy, loving relationship.


A good communication is a must have in any healthy relationship. Fortunately, technology has advanced to the point where we are able to share information across vast distances in an instant. From teleconferencing to satellites and the Internet, there is a lot to be said for the way we communicate with one another. How We Date The modern world has seen a revolution in the way we communicate with each other, which makes for a fun and exciting time in our lives. How We DateKeeping up with the pace of modern life can be challenging, but the right communication can help you navigate your way through the minefield and get where you want to be. The best communication is a combination of openness and honesty. Taking the time to discuss what is important to you and your partner will ensure that all parties involved are on the same page from the outset.

Conflict Resolution

One of the most crucial components of mate value is self-esteem. This is largely a function of perceived social acceptance and a feeling that you have achieved enough in your life to be worthy of a partner.

Research has also shown that a higher self-esteem is associated with better mate choices and relationships, suggesting that mate values can play a significant role in shaping how we date. This is a positive trend, as it suggests that if you feel more valued by your mate, it can improve your chances of finding and maintaining a healthy relationship.

How We Date
How We Date

In addition to enhancing self-esteem, research has shown that having an increased perception of mate value can help to increase commitment to the relationship. This is because a strong sense of mate value can lead to Benefit-Provisioning strategies in a relationship, which increase the value of each partner and increase satisfaction with the relationship.

Some of the most common mate values include physical appearance, intelligence, and health. These are commonly seen as critical components of mate value, but it is possible for people to have a different set of mate values that differ from the traits most commonly rated.

Another important aspect of mate value is personality. This can range from qualities like ambition and industriousness to traits like thoughtfulness, kindness, and humility. Many women have a preference for the type of person they want their mate to be, while men are more likely to place emphasis on physical attractiveness.

If a person has high mate values, they will have higher expectations for their partner and will be less willing to compromise on the basics of a relationship. This is a natural response, as it helps to ensure that the relationship is built on solid foundations.

Finally, if a person has low mate values, they may be more willing to take risks with their relationship. This is often because they believe that it will improve their chances of securing a good partner, and it can also be because they are willing to make sacrifices in other areas of their life.


You might already know that your sexuality can have a major influence on how you date. How We DateThis includes who you find attractive, what kind of sex you want and who you fall in love with.

It’s also important to think about how your sexuality can shape your mental health. If you are struggling with your sexuality or your relationship, it’s a good idea to seek help. This could be from your doctor (GP), a counsellor, or a psychologist.

For many people, their sexuality is a deeply personal and complex issue that they struggle to understand. How We Date They may feel uncomfortable discussing it with family members and friends, or they might be worried about the reaction of others.

There are a number of different types of sexuality, all with their own set of values and needs. Some of these include gynesexuality, homosexuality and bisexuality.

Gynesexuality is a type of sexual orientation that involves feeling attraction toward women, regardless of whether they were assigned female at birth. Homosexuality is a type of sexual orientation wherein people feel romantically and physically attracted to individuals of the same gender as them.

A person who identifies as asexual does not experience sexual attraction and has little interest in it. Sapiosexuality is a type of sexuality wherein someone finds intellectual stimulation more appealing than physical appearance.

Getting to know your own sexuality is one of the most exciting and liberating things you can do. As you learn about yourself and your attraction to others, you can start to develop your own unique dating narrative.

This narrative can be very important for helping you to form healthy relationships, especially when you are exploring your sexuality. How We DateIt can help you to recognise your own feelings and beliefs about how sex should work in a relationship, as well as give you an understanding of the importance of finding a partner who is compatible with your needs.

As you discover your own sexuality, you might feel a sense of euphoria, excitement or even fear about how your sexuality is changing and who you’re becoming. You might also feel an increased desire to explore your sexuality with new people and to have sex.

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