Dos and Don’ts of Selecting Your Dating Profile Picture

Dating Profile Picture – When selecting a picture for your profile, keep the following tips in mind: Don’t take a posed photo, avoid airbrushing, and avoid wearing sunglasses. You want your picture to reflect you in the best possible light. You also want to make sure that it is of high quality, so invest in a good camera phone or actually purchase a camera.

Avoid posed photos

When choosing your dating profile picture , it is important to choose a picture that shows you in a natural and relaxed manner. The picture should be a representation of your true personality. It should also reflect the quality of people you are looking for. By using natural poses and avoiding posed pictures, you can attract more people to your profile.

Dating Profile Picture

Dating Profile Picture

People want to see how you truly look, so avoid posed Dating Profile Picture. If possible, choose photos of you outdoors, at places where you can have meaningful conversations. Don’t include photos of yourself in public places unless they were taken by a friend. Instead, hire a professional photographer to take a picture of you in natural settings.

Avoid airbrushing

The accuracy of a photo in an online dating profile is often in question. Researchers at Cornell University in 2009 have raised concerns about the quality of dating photos. Fortunately, there are now apps that allow you to airbrush pictures to improve their appearance. While the Airbrush App is a free download, the Magic Brush-Photo software is $40.

Dating Profile Picture

Dating Profile Picture

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