Are You Being Love-Bombed? Here Are the Signs to Look Out For

Being Love-Bombed

Being Love-Bombed – A love bombing relationship is a relationship that begins with a courtship phase and ends with deep commitment. Often, you will be surprised to discover that your significant other is madly in love with you a few weeks after you first met. If this is happening to you, it’s important to recognize the warning signs of a love bombing relationship.

Warning signs of love bombing

Love bombing is a form of psychological abuse that happens when one person tries to manipulate another person for their own benefit. The goal of this type of behavior is to break the victim’s spirit. A love bomber may use gifts or promises to make the relationship last longer than it should. They may also feign friendship in order to maintain control over their victim. This type of abuse is a serious problem for many couples.

If you’re not careful, you might fall victim to love bombing. You may initially think that the love bomber is perfectly okay, but after a while, he may be manipulative, abusive, and scheming. Knowing the warning signs of love bombing will help you prevent being victimized by this type of abuse.

Love bombers do not respect boundaries. They may even turn their backs on trusted family members. A love bomber may blame his actions on boundaries, but these are red flags to watch for.

Being Love-Bombed
Being Love-Bombed


A love bomber uses gaslighting tactics to manipulate their victims, making them feel guilty and responsible for their poor behavior. These tactics are used because narcissists cannot tolerate discomfort or feelings that make them feel inadequate. They also make it your responsibility to fix them. Knowing the signs of love bombing can help you escape a relationship before it becomes too late.

It’s advisable to seek help from a therapist or a narcissism support group if you suspect your partner is narcissistic. Therapy can be effective but it can be time-consuming, so be patient and consult with several providers.

Narcissists often show their affection through grand gestures and gifts. Sometimes, these gestures are sweet, but they may be signs of a narcissist. A narcissist will also give gifts to improve their self-esteem. According to Paul Eastwick, a psychology professor at University of California, Davis, love bombing occurs when the victim’s self-esteem is affected.

A love bomber will shower their victim with physical and digital affection. This includes touching, using warm body language, and making romantic posts on social media. A love bomber will use these methods to manipulate their victim’s guardedness and prevent them from asking questions about their relationship.

Overzealous lovers

Love bombing is an overly passionate way of displaying adoration for someone. In the beginning, it may seem innocent, but it can quickly spiral out of control. The abuser may begin to control their partner’s mind, ego, and heart. The victim will no longer have any interest in the person they are romantically involved with, and they will eventually withdraw from the relationship.

Love bombing is a common way for abusers to manipulate their targets. It creates a false sense of dependency and dependence in the victim. The abuser is a narcissist and is looking for ways to gain control of you.

Being Love-Bombed
Being Love-Bombed

Overzealous lovers might be love bombing you. If so, stop communicating with them, unfollow them, and seek support.


A love bomber is not interested in making you happy, but in making you feel obligated to accept their gift Being Love-Bombed They might be able to make you feel more comfortable and happy with their gifts, but they might also get upset when you are spending time with friends or family, or pursuing your own interests. Be on the lookout for these red flags.

If you’re in a relationship with a narcissist, you might be a victim of love bombing. A love bomber may show signs of emotional abuse and will often take advantage of their victim’s vulnerability. When this occurs, it is crucial to protect yourself and set boundaries.

Overly attentive partners

The first step to preventing love bombs in your relationship is setting boundaries. Love bombers are often impatient and need physical and emotional reward. As a result, they rarely lead healthy relationships Being Love-Bombed. They tend to dominate their partners’ time and space, which does not promote a healthy balance between the two partners. You can also protect yourself by defining and communicating your own boundaries and expectations.

Basically, love bombing is when a partner becomes overly attentive in the beginning of a relationship. This happens when the person tries to manipulate the other person and demands full attention. If you are being love bombed, it means that your partner is trying to control you, putting you in a position where you feel like you owe him or her.

While love bombing is a horrible thing to experience, it can be avoided. Check out our dating and relationship archives to learn how to deal with love bombing.

Being Love-Bombed
Being Love-Bombed

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