3Fun Leaks Location Information, Sexual Preferences, and Chat Data


3Fun is a location-based mobile online dating application that allows users to find and meet other singles and couples. It is available in the United States, the Netherlands, Brazil, and several other countries. The app has approximately 100,000 monthly downloads and more than 2 million downloads overall. Unfortunately, there are a few issues with 3Fun that you should be aware of.

3Fun is a dating app for curious singles and couples

3Fun is a dating app that caters to curious singles and couples. Users of the app must be at least 18 years of age. The app features a variety of options to meet your potential dates. Users can choose to match with a male or a female partner. They can also connect with others who are interested in polyamory or open to other sexual orientations.

The process of 3Fun registration is quick and simple. You can register with your Facebook account or email. The app then analyses your preferences and displays profiles of people that match your criteria. You can also register using your mobile number. This option is convenient for those who are always on the go and don’t want to log in from their desktop or laptop.


It uses GPS spoofing to create a three-point map of a user’s location

A mobile application for arranging threesomes and dates, 3Fun, has been found to leak user location information, sexual preferences, and chat data. Researchers were able to create three-point maps of user locations using GPS spoofing and trilateration, two techniques that use longitude, latitude, and height to determine a person’s exact location. This information can be exploited for a number of reasons, including a threat to individuals’ safety.

Using GPS spoofing to create a two-point map of a user’s precise location is a relatively inexpensive way to track someone’s exact location. However, this technique has its drawbacks. For example, a spy can use GPS spoofing to track a user’s exact location and get information on people nearby.

It leaked user’s real-time location

A 3Fun leak has led to users revealing their location and personal details to third parties. It appears that 3Fun did not take security measures to protect user data. This has led to sensitive information leaking to the public, including a user’s latitude and longitude.

Researchers were able to obtain 3fun users’ location details by spoofing their locations. This allowed researchers from Pen Test Partners to discover the real-time location of 3fun users, including users in the US Supreme Court and the White House. However, 3fun has fixed the issue after receiving complaints.

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