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Marta’s uncle went to the interview with a police officer who posed as a relative of the girl.

The parents’ lawyer, José María Calero, has raised the conflict created by the sentence against El Cuco, already condemned by a Juvenile Judge, since he was under 18 years old when the crime occurred. The lawyer believes that the sentence of the minor may constitute an infringement of the right to an impartial judge in this case. The prosecutor has objected. Then it was when the private prosecution requested a confrontation between Miguel Carcaño and Samuel Benítez, the main defendant and his friend and, on this occasion, although it has warned that it is an exceptional procedure, the prosecution has not rejected it. Only the defense of María García, the girlfriend of Carcaño’s brother, rejects the measure.

On Wednesday, nine witnesses will appear, including seven officials from the National Police Corps, according to the script of the trial prepared by the Seventh Section of the Provincial Court.

The trial, for which 40 media outlets and around 150 journalists have been accredited, began last Monday. So far, only the main defendant, Miguel Carcaño, has admitted that he killed the young woman with an ashtray, but has not revealed where her body is. Neither have the others involved, who denied having been present when the young woman died.

Lies upon lies. Those accused of the crime of Marta del Castillo have buried her body and the truth under a dark cloak of lies. In the first place, they deceived the police as much as they could, then they gave multiple versions to the investigating judge and since last week they have offered exculpatory accounts and episodes of amnesia to the court that is trying them. Yesterday at the trial Javier García, El Cuco, continued the path marked: “I made up all the details of that statement,” he said about a police appearance in which two years ago he recounted his collaboration to throw the body of the minor into the Guadalquivir river .

El Cuco testified yesterday as a witness after being convicted as a cover-up and acquitted of murder and rape in a process that tried him in parallel as a minor, since he was 15 years old when Marta died. García went to the Seville Court with very long dyed hair and a blue scarf around his neck. During the interrogation of the prosecutor and the parties, he maintained a dismissive and at times cocky attitude.

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